Repair, Overhaul AND Maintenance

Terlouw is here to help you with all sorts of regular or emergency repairs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Good repair work is mainly a matter of trust. Using our flexible approach and wealth of expertise, we will do everything we can to remedy your engine’s malfunction so you can continue with your core business. This is the standard by which we work. Every day, anywhere in the world.

Malfunctions AND Emergency Repairs


Mechanics is one of the main pillars in the industrial world, and diesel engines are the driving force behind many branches in industry. That’s why a malfunction is annoying at the very least but, at its worst, it’s even hazardous. Lengthy downtime literally means falling behind and can cost several hundreds to millions of euros.

Terlouw considers it a challenge to get a machine operating again as quickly as possible. Our mobile service comes directly to you, wherever you may be. We have standard parts in stock for various machines so we can replace the malfunctioning parts on the spot. This way, you can quickly get back to work, ultimately limiting the damage.

Commercial Shipping

Commercial shipping is continuously changing. Each minute is expensive, certainly in the event of a malfunction. Like no other, Terlouw knows that acute assistance is required! Our team is ready for you, 24/7, for all types of (regular and emergency) repairs on board. When necessary, our employees come directly to the ship’s location — wherever it may be in the world — to remedy the malfunction.


Terlouw Rotterdam has been serving clients in the Offshore sector for years. Because of this experience, the company knows the tricks of the trade in this branch. All our mechanics are certified and have all the necessary certificates and medical approvals for work on offshore platforms.


Historically, Terlouw Rotterdam is an engine manufacturer and overhaul company. This means that you are assured of years of experience and expertise when restoring your diesel engine to new condition, so you can then trust your engine for many years to come. We understand like no other how your engine is key to your daily work. You must be able to rely on this driving force of your business.

If overhauling is no longer an option and/or it is too expensive, the logical next step is often re-motorization. Our engine department can provide you proper advice and support for this option.

Maintenance Contracts

In your business model, it’s wise to include preventive and curative maintenance in your annual costs. Based on this vision of guaranteeing the uptime of your machine, we also offer preventive maintenance in the form of maintenance contracts. We make sure your downtime is kept to a minimum. Each visit that provides an expert’s vision and prevents a possible standstill is a requirement for the engines that you simply cannot afford to do without.


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