marine engines

Drive mechanism, auxiliary equipment and complete ship generators.


81 tot 660 kW

Reliability and economical fuel consumption are extremely important for propulsion. Volvo Penta has a broad range of high-quality diesel engines for all types of propulsion solutions.


Due to the broad assortment of Volvo Penta inboard diesel engines, you can always find an engine that is appropriate for the size of your ship. The engines provide quick acceleration, reliable performance and the ability to maintain a high speed regardless of the load or circumstances on the water. These engines have very good cruising characteristics and feature a unique marine torque, low emission levels and high degree of reliability. These engines are the best choice for a large number of demanding applications in commercial shipping.

Control – monitoring

For complete monitoring, protection and diagnostics — for the engine as well as the transmission — you’ll find what you need in the approved Volvo Penta control system with smart functions such as Electronic Vessel Control (EVC). In addition, Marine Commercial Control (MCC) offers monitoring and other functions in accordance with all international standards.


77 tot 552 kW

Reliability is extremely important for living and working on board. Regardless of your requirements or applications, Volvo Penta offers a broad range of fuel-efficient engine solutions for generators or auxiliary equipment, such as bow thrusters, cranes, high-pressure water systems, pumps, air compressors, hydraulic batteries, fire-fighting equipment, and more.

Volvo Penta offers engines with variable as well as constant speed, from 77 to 552 kW. These engines are characterized by their high power and unique marine torque, which results in a high response and unparalleled load capacity. which results in a high response and unparalleled load capacity.


  • High reliability (uptime)
  • Fully classifiable
  • Fuel-efficient & low emission levels
  • Extensive range of application
  • Easy maintenance and flexible configuration
  • Simple installation
  • Excellent horsepower/weight ratio

Generator sets

78 – 596 kVA (62 tot 477 KWe)

The complete series of ship generators from Volvo Penta offers a reliable and efficient generation of electrical power for emergency generators, power supply on board, and diesel-electric drive. All generators are delivered complete and tested, ready for installation on board. All generators are delivered complete and tested, ready for installation on board.

The diesel engines with coordinated generators and monitoring systems are ideal for multiple installations on board. They have the approval of the key classification authorities and can, if desired, be delivered with product certificates.

The generator sets are available with the following cooling options:

  • Radiator-cooled (RC) for emergency and harbor use.
  • Keel cooled (KC) or heat exchanger (HE) for auxiliary power pumps, hotel loads, etc.
Monitoring systems

Volvo Penta’s control system is based on the Modbus protocol and is equipped with a large number of cabled connections. This provides a fast and secure integration with most switchboards and energy management systems on the market. The monitoring system and functions — such as autostart, switching off and alarms — satisfy all international standards.

From purchase to commissioning

We supply new engines for re-motorization and new construction. With our experience and knowledge, we are able to support our clients from the design to the eventual purchase stage. Based on the application and the required power, we will provide you various options. We will also take into account any other components that must communicate with the engine.

Finally, we will put into operation the engine(s) with the greatest possible care and in accordance with Volvo Penta’s protocol. This protocol specifies high-quality requirements for commissioning and ensures that the standard warranty period will proceed without problem.



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