100 jaar Ter;piw


Start company in 1924

On August 29, 1910, Mr. Johannes Cornelis Terlouw was appointed as a mechanic-worker at the engine factory “De Industrie” of Joh. S. Boot in Alphen aan de Rijn. He then earned 0.20 Dutch florins per hour there. Because more and more ships with “industrial” engines were motorized and because the shipping center was in Rotterdam, Mr. J.C. Terlouw decided after 14 years to start his own repair shop in 1924 on the Pauwensteeg in Rotterdam.

This was the time of hot-bulb engines. The diesel engine was still at the beginning of its development period.

It was the time when shipping was highly motorized and hard work had to be done for little money. Nevertheless, this repair site continued, made itself known in the shipping industry and developed into a larger structure.

After a few years, the company grew and an additional space could be rented on the corner of the Nieuwe Haven. A dividing wall was demolished and a larger workshop was created.

so much time until we exist for 100 years:









On May 14, 1940, almost the entire center of Rotterdam, including the company, was destroyed during the bombings. Not only the house, but also the workshop was lost. With a lot of effort and even more clearing of rubble, the search was on for usable materials and tools. With the little bit left, Johannes Terlouw started again, this time at Bosland in a garage, under very difficult circumstances.

In 1943, during the war years, a temporary building could be moved into at Haringvliet (on the corner where the old Havenziekenhuis now stands). The company continued its activities there.


Over the years, J.C. Terlouw’s 4 sons (Bas (1914), Bertus (1919), Arnold (1927) and Jan (1930) were largely involved in the business. These 4 sons were all interested in the business and each got his job and place within the company. During and after the war, the center of Rotterdam had to be rebuilt, a lot of shipping came to the city at that time to remove the rubble and bring building materials. This activity benefited the company.


The North Sea flood

In 1953 during the North Sea flood disaster, the company almost collapsed again due to the high water level. The customers almost came in with their ships! Fortunately, the company was unscathed and was able to continue with its activities. This was also the year that founder Mr. J.C. Terlouw died at the age of 63.


Opening of new business premises – 1957

Rotterdam needed a new port hospital (in the mid-1950s). The location of that hospital was on the site of the emergency buildings on Haringvliet. This meant that a new location had to be found for the workshop.

The city of Rotterdam decided to open an industrial area outside the city, where rough industrial companies could be housed, this became the ‘Spaanse Polder’, as we know it today.

The four Terlouw brothers decided to move the company to this area in order to expand further there. On January 12, 1957, the first pile was driven and in the autumn of 1957 the company opened its new doors in the Breevaartstraat on the Gantelhaven.


3rd Generation

The founder, who died in 1953, left his company to his four sons: Bas, Bertus, Arnold and Jan. The four brothers continue the company as the 2nd generation. In the 1950s and 1960s, a lot of maintenance, overhauls and installation work was carried out on coasters, inland shipping, fishing and pumping stations.

At the end of the 1970s, the 3rd generation slowly took over, because the 2nd generation was already at a respectable age and it was time for rejuvenation and modern ideas within the company. The 3rd generation became Jan Terlouw (son of Bas) and Hans Terlouw (son of Arnold).

In the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, maintenance, survey and overhaul work for the offshore, tanker and sea shipping companies were added. At that time, work was already being carried out by our technicians worldwide.








Closure of factory ‘De Industrie’

In 1977, the engine factory of “De Industrie” in Alphen aan de Rijn closed. The order book was insufficient and the company had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. The suspicion is that the arrival of more modern diesel engines (which became increasingly compact) brought too much competition to the market and the company could no longer compete against it.

In addition, a collaboration was entered into with ‘BRONS’ engines in Appingedam under the name ‘BRONS-INDUSTRIE’ for the development of new TD engines. This TD engine should have been the salvation of the company, a few engines were still sold, but the further development of this engine and an ever-rushing market was too late.

Ultimately, under the national leadership of the then Prime Minister Den Uyl, it was decided that employment had to be guaranteed in the north of the Netherlands, with the result that the engine factory “De INDUSTRIE” in Alphen a/d Rijn had to close. Engine factory “BRONZE-INDUSTRIE GROEP” continued development for a while, against its better judgment.

The parts supply guarantee of the “De Industrie” engines and a repair workshop branch of “Industrie” in IJmuiden were continued until the early 1990s. Meanwhile, the curtain had also fallen on the “Brons Industrie Groep” engine factory.


Continuation of  ‘De Industrie’

In 1989, Brons-Industrie Groep (later Waukesha) sold J.C. Terlouw B.V. asked if they wanted to take over the service branch for Industrial engines in IJmuiden (Middenhavenstraat). Later, in 1992, all construction drawings, parts and obligations towards industrial engine users were also taken over, so that existing customers could continue to be served for decades to come.



Anniversary 50 years

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary in 1974, the company’s management received a nice gift from the entire staff at the time.



Volvo Penta Dealership

In the 1970s, the commercial shipping branch grew enormously and Volvo Penta Ridderkerk, at that time, only served pleasure boating in the Benelux. Volvo Penta saw the growth in commercial shipping and decided that NEBIM trading company B.V. had to serve the commercial shipping market. There was already intensive contact between Terlouw and NEBIM at the time, because in many ships where a ‘de Industry’ engine was running, there was a Volvo Penta ship generator at the front for power supply. In 1979-1980, Terlouw was asked to become an official support point of NEBIM trading company.

Later, NEBIM Handelsmaatschappij in Mijdrecht took over the pleasure boat branch of Volvo Penta and closed the branch in Ridderkerk.

At the end of the 1990s, NEBIM Handelsmaatschappij was taken over by Volvo Penta AB and Volvo Penta opened its official Market Unit for the Benelux in Beesd, which we still know today. Terlouw saw work in the industry decrease since the factory went bankrupt. The work in Volvo Penta engines, on the other hand, grew steadily and filled that gap nicely.

Ten years later in 1989, our second business premises in the Seaport of IJmuiden also obtained the official status of commercial shipping dealer for Volvo Penta.


Opening Seaport Marina IJmuiden

Because the shipping company was already established in IJmuiden harbor for commercial shipping and a new marina Seaport Marina IJmuiden was being built, the company joined in to also have a small branch for pleasure boating. In 1994, Seaport Marina IJmuiden opened, as did our new store with workshop. The Volvo Penta delegation was also present to visit their new dealer and celebrate the opening.



      The industrial sector – 2000s

Our experience with ship generators and experience in the port with quay equipment matched Volvo Penta’s goals. After the turn of the century, they started a long-term growth plan to increase market share in the industrial branch. Volvo Penta AB has experienced tremendous growth in the industrial market and so has Terlouw. The no-nonsense approach is appreciated everywhere in the port of Rotterdam and soon beyond.




Anniversary celebration 85 years of existence

In connection with the death of J.C. Terlouw (2nd generation) and A.C. Terlouw (2nd generation), the company decided not to throw a 75th anniversary party and to skip this party. Then, ten years later, the company decided to organize a party for the company in honor of its 85th anniversary.

During this evening, all business relations had the opportunity to get acquainted with the 4th generation of Terlouw – Jacqueline Terlouw, who in turn gave an opening speech prior to the party.





    Renewed Volvo Penta dealer status

In 2009, Volvo Penta AB drastically changed its dealer network by decentralizing and having a number of (larger) dealers in the Benelux act as a point of contact (Centers) for its customers and other dealers in the Benelux (Service Dealers). This change in status had a significant impact on the company, as it brought with it more responsibilities and growth. As a result, the company had to modernize and professionalize so that it could continue to meet the changing needs of customers and suppliers.


Opening of the new business premises

Over the years and partly due to the Volvo Penta Center dealership, the company started to grow and take on a serious role within the Dealer Network. The then business premises no longer met the occupational health and safety requirements, and Terlouw also outgrew its capacity in terms of warehouse and storage of engines. That is why the company decided to have a new business premises built. The opening took place in May 2012.


4th generation 2013-2023

From the year 2013, the company has been in a major change phase, with a rapidly changing market and different customer needs, not only an upgrade of a new building was necessary, but also the inside of the company had to change. During this period, the 4th generation came to the fore to modernize and professionalize. Terlouw was made “future ready”.

Volvo Penta has set ambitious targets together with its dealers in the network, which resulted in strongly increasing sales of engines and parts. This growth on the trading side of the company also immediately led to growth in the service, planning and logistics part. As a result, many employees have been added to the team in recent years, so that we can guarantee our quality of service.

To this day, Terlouw is fully occupied with its role as one of the main players as Volvo Penta dealers in the Benelux. We still have the same loyal customers over the years. We are very grateful for this, we adhere to the norms and values of the past. Say it like it is and stand by what you say. Partly because of these core values, we have also been able to expand our network with valuable new customers.

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